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    Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Oxford

    Oxford O&G Society

    Committee 2015/2016

    President: Alice Buchan

    Vice-President: Natalie Dennehy

    Secretary: Katie Paul

    Treasurer: Chloe Duke

    Events Officer: Crispian Wilson

    Events Officer: Katharine Knight

  • Events

    Throughout the year, we'll have plenty of exciting and interesting events as well as teaching for the 5th year OSCE.

    Obstetric Medicine with Dr Lucy Mackilop

    Thursday 25th February 5pm - Conference Room, Academic Corridor

    The Oxford O&G society will be hosting a talk on Thursday 25th February at 5pm on Obstetric Medicine with Dr Lucy Mackillop.

    Dr Lucy Mackillop is one of only four Obstetric Physicians in the UK, and specialises in medical conditions unique to pregnancy as well as the management of pre-existing medical disorders during pregnancy. She jointly runs the maternal high-risk maternity service at the John Radcliffe Women's Centre.

    Do come along to what promises to be a fantastic insight into an interesting field!

    Refreshments will be provided

    O&G OSCE Teaching

    Thursday 16th June 5.30pm - GPEC

    Upcoming O&G exams? We'll be running a session covering the communication skills stations of the Year 5 OSCE. Experienced 5th & 6th year tutors will guide you through practice scenarios in a safe, friendly environment, giving you the practice you need to go into your exam with confidence.


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